Supply List for Mrs. Zeitler’s K4 Class

Mrs. Zeitler’s K4 Supply List

Nap Items:

  • Small Pillow (full-time student)
  • Large blanket or sleeping bag (full-time student)

Personal Items: 

  • 2  8 ct. Boxes of large (not jumbo) washable crayons. (Basic colors)
  • 16 ct. Box of regular sized washable crayons.
  • 8 ct. Box of  washable wide markers (Conical tip-BASIC COLORS)
  • 8 ct. Box of washable fine markers
  • 4 or 8 ct. Box of Multicultural crayons (optional)
  • 12ct. Box of Colored Pencils
  • Plastic pencil box
  • Large bottle of Tacky Glue (Optional)
  • 2  No.2 wooden pencils
  • 2  Plastic pocket folders
  • Plastic Art Smock
  • Large backpack
  • Lunch box & cold packs (All students need a lunch box to keep daily snacks cold, and if a full-time student for cold lunches.)
  • Thermos
  • 1 pack of 9 oz. paper or plastic cups

Appreciated Donations:  Dry erase markers – thin tip, Kleenex, paper plates, plastic spoons, 5 packs of play dough, glue sticks, hand sanitizer for class, Ziploc bags, and disinfecting wipes.