Extracurricular activities play a crucial role in a child’s overall development. Participating in activities outside the regular school workday allows students to explore and develop their unique gifts and talents, fostering holistic growth.

Physically, participation in sports or other physical activities promotes a healthy lifestyle, instilling discipline and teamwork. Emotionally, involvement in extracurriculars provides an outlet for self-expression, boosts self-esteem, and helps in developing resilience. Socially, interaction allows for the development of important interpersonal skills and friendships. From a spiritual perspective, students are able to express their unique God-given talents. Encouraging children to recognize and use their unique abilities in varied opportunities helps instill gratitude, fostering a connection between their talents and their faith.

In a small school setting, the significance of extracurriculars becomes even more pronounced. With fewer students, individuals often have the chance to participate in a broader range of activities, contributing to a friendly, tight-knit school community.


Saint Lucas athletics provide a unique way for students to further their growth. Athletic offerings include volleyball, cross country, basketball, and track. Active participation in athletics strengthens friendships, enhances team building skills, improves coordination and strength, and promotes physical well-being. Student-athletes ultimately learn to view sports competition as a blessing from God that is both fun and rewarding.

Fine Arts

Saint Lucas offers in school experiences in the areas of art, music, and choir. Additional co-curricular opportunities include forensics, drama, band, and piano lessons. Fine arts are another way that we celebrate and support each student’s God-given gifts and abilities.

Clubs & Activities

Saint Lucas values non-athletic clubs and activities for our students to explore and gain new experiences. Clubs and activities are offered after the school day and are often scheduled at a time where students can participate in the club and an athletic activity. While our offerings of clubs and activities vary depending on student interest, we regularly have clubs for robotics, Spanish language learning, Lego building, and tabletop games. Our goal is for students to find enjoyment and skill development in areas beyond traditional athletics and fine arts.

Come Visit Us!

The first thing to do to find your belonging at Saint Lucas is to visit our campus. On your visit, you will meet staff and faculty, see our classrooms in action, get a feel for our culture, and learn about our mission and ministry. Bring all your questions – we’ll answer them!