About Saint Lucas

Saint Lucas Lutheran School has been privileged to serve the Bay View neighborhood on Milwaukee’s South Side since 1872 – even before Bay View incorporated as a village. Our close-knit community is an important part of what makes this school so special.

Students encourage one another and celebrate each other’s efforts and successes with hugs and high-fives.

We are family.

Families who join our school become members of a real community − one that embraces Christian values and works together to make the school a caring and happy place. We are united in our adherence to our core values and the pursuit of an education that challenges and nurtures each child’s mind, body and spirit.

We are partners.

Parents and teachers partner together to provide students with the personalized attention and guidance they need inside and outside of the classroom. Families receive weekly emails from the faculty on their child’s progress, and we have a comprehensive Parent Portal that provides parents with direct access to their child’s grades, along with other helpful resources.

We are Christians.

While Saint Lucas is recognized for the strength of its programs and competitive academic results, the lessons we hope our students take with them transcend those measured by test scores and graduation lists. Together, we are equipping students to understand the truth about life, the world, and God’s purpose in their lives so that they may grow and mature into perceptive and caring Christians who will have a transforming influence on the world.

We are givers.

The school’s generous financial aid program ensures that students from all backgrounds are able to take advantage of and contribute to the Saint Lucas community. Tuition is $8,399; however, no family is paying the full price. Congregation members make up the difference between what families can afford to pay and the actual cost to educate a student. Saint Lucas also proudly participates in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program and Wisconsin Parental Choice Program.

Come see for yourself!

Please schedule a tour and witness our school in action. We look forward to showing you around and giving you insight into the unparalleled curriculum and joyful learning environment that we are so proud to offer.

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