Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) allows students who qualify and are selected to attend a private school with tuition costs fully covered by state aid.


To qualify a student must

  • Reside inside the city limits of Milwaukee
  • Meet specific income requirements the first year only.
  • Remit Milwaukee proof of residence to the school the first year, and each year thereafter.


  1. Complete and submit your MPCP Parent Online Application on the state website here beginning February 1.
  2. Bring your verifying documentation (proof of income, if needed, and proof of Milwaukee residency) to the school office or email it to [email protected], as instructed by your completed application.

See more information, including income limits, here

If you have further questions, call Tracy in Admissions at 844.ST.LUCAS (844.785.8227) or email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you explain some of the common acronyms surrounding the Choice Programs?2024-02-05T14:33:42-06:00

DPI: Department of Public Instruction
PSCP: Private School Choice Programs (at Saint Lucas, this includes the Milwaukee and Wisconsin Parental Choice Programs)
MPCP: Milwaukee Parental Choice Program
WPCP: Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

How do I know Saint Lucas is held accountable for participating in the Private School Choice Pgorams?2024-02-05T14:32:56-06:00

Saint Lucas Lutheran School is held to rigorous accountability requirements for participating in the Private School Choice Programs. We are audited each school year ensuring the school is in full compliance with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requirements.

I have a child currently in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) at Saint Lucas, and another child is currently in 8th grade. Will sibling preference be given to my 8th grade child?2024-02-05T14:32:12-06:00

If your current 8th-grade child is not in the WPCP at their current school, please note you are required to provide both income and residency eligibility. If your 8th grade child is eligible for the WPCP, there is the possibility for Sibling Preference if we are provided adequate WPCP seats. The DPI determines the number of seats we are allotted.

I live in Milwaukee County. Can I apply for the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program?2024-02-05T14:31:24-06:00

You must reside in the City of Milwaukee to apply, however, you may want to check if you qualify for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program, based on residence and income eligibility.

Where can I find out more about the Private School Choice Programs eligibility requirements, and how and when do I apply?2024-02-05T14:30:41-06:00

The Private School Choice Program Parent Application is online. Below you will find the link for the Application, as well as all the eligibility program information, at the following link here.

Why am I asked to provide last year’s taxes or W-2(s) if income is not required for eligibility for the Choice Program I am applying to?2024-02-05T14:29:55-06:00

As a private school participating in the Private School Choice Programs, the school is allowed to obtain your prior year tax return, or W-2(s) to determine which income category you are in. What this means is if your family income qualifies for the *Choice Program you are applying to, but exceeds 220% the federal poverty level, schools are permitted to charge tuition per state law in addition to the voucher amount the school receives. This is called Category 2 tuition.

My child is currently in the Choice Program at another school. If I prove residency to Saint Lucas, will they automatically receive a Choice seat?2024-02-05T14:29:02-06:00

Once a Continuing Choice student leaves their current school, they are not automatically offered a returning Choice seat at the new Choice school you are applying to. An eligible Continuing Choice student at a new school, may be subject to the random lottery drawing, and either be selected or put onto a wait list, if there are more applicants than Choice seats available.

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“Our child has thrived academically and spiritually since starting Saint Lucas. The staff really care, it’s a safe school and we love the small class sizes. We feel very blessed to have found such a supportive school.”

“Our child has thrived academically and spiritually since starting Saint Lucas. The staff really care, it’s a safe school and we love the small class sizes. We feel very blessed to have found such a supportive school.”

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