Philosophy of Education

At Saint Lucas Lutheran School, all programs and activities are grounded in our loving Savior, Jesus Christ. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Biblical truths are woven throughout all subject areas and provide the lens through which students are encouraged to view the world.

hugging-studentsWhen our personal lives are grounded in Christ, the natural outpouring of that grounding is that the love of Jesus flows out of us. Since Christian education is a team responsibility involving parents, teachers and congregation members, we work in loving partnership with one another to prepare children to grow in their faith and to support and encourage one another.

With this base, Saint Lucas assists parents in growing the spiritual, academic, physical and social gifts of each child. Together, we will equip students to understand the truth about life, the world, and God’s purpose for their lives so that they may grow and mature into perceptive and caring Christians who will have a transforming influence on the world.

Saint Lucas’ curriculum builds on the core subjects of language arts, mathematics, reading, social studies, science and Word of God to equip students to think critically, write effectively and solve problems successfully. Through enrichment classes, students learn to use technology confidently and identify and enhance individual talents. As students progress through their middle school years, they gain the skills necessary to become informed and engaged citizens, including developing responsibility, independence, self-directed learning, and a heart for community service and ministry to others.

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LanguageMale Students standing by each other

Language focuses on phonics, listening, reading fluency and comprehension, vocabulary development, spelling, grammar, writing, speaking and handwriting skills. Students also spend time and attention on building social skills, which sets the stage for productive learning.


Math activities in prekindergarten through fifth grade give students the solid foundation they’ll need in later years e.g., identifying and using shapes and patterns; understanding addition, subtraction, multiplication and exponents; and developing skills in data analysis and probability. As students progress into the middle grades, they are introduced to geometry and algebra.

Physical Education

In P.E. class, students learn about good health habits and develop a foundation for life-long wellness. There is no dodgeball here or waiting in a long line for a turn. Cardiovascular fitness is the center of our program, and the students are constantly moving. The classes focus on fitness and building and enhancing skills at all ability levels. The students also learn about teamwork and sportsmanship as they perform to the best of their God-given talents.


In reading, students learn to decode words, develop fluency, and increase vocabulary and comprehension. They are exposed to the major literary genres: poetry, fiction and drama, as well as digital media. Saint Lucas uses an instructional approach called “guided reading.” This small group model enables teachers to better focus on the specific needs of each child, accelerating their progress. In addition, older students partner with lower-grade buddies to help students develop and enhance fluency, while instilling a love for reading. The “Reading Buddies” program also helps build and enhance the school’s sense of community by pairing elementary students with middle school students.


Saint Lucas proudly participates in Project Lead The Way, the nation’s leading provider of pltw_logo_final
science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs. PLTW helps students develop the skills needed to succeed in the global economy through hands-on, project-based activities.

Social Studies

In social studies, students learn about the world through the stories of intriguing people, exciting places and fascinating events. Students acquire a continuing interest in their society; develop a respect for the dignity and worth of all individuals; understand the democratic ideals that their country was founded upon; and gain an appreciation for the responsibilities and rights of citizenship.

Bible Study

This daily class is centered on enabling students to understand biblical principles and how to apply them to their lives. The curriculum includes Bible stories and readings, scripture memorization, discussions, activities and service projects.


Our weekly chapel service provides an opportunity for the entire school family to gather together to worship and praise God. The spiritual development of all students is encouraged through individual and group activities. Through the truths and promises of God’s Word, we seek to nurture in students a relationship with their Savior – one that will guide them during high school, their post-secondary years and beyond.

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