Welcome to Saint Lucas Lutheran!

Saint Lucas Lutheran, a nationally accredited K3-8 Christian school, is privileged to serve students and their families in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee.

What kind of school makes a difference to our children . . . and our communities?

Our world is suffering from an epidemic of disconnection and loneliness. We’ve all witnessed the loss of community and connection not only in our neighborhoods and cities, but in our homes and schools. Most heart-breaking of all, we’ve witnessed our children struggle with these same issues, too.

As our school serves parents and families, we hear the same needs over and over again: our children need relationships and our families need connection. And we all need a strong faith foundation to anchor us and help us move forward.

Saint Lucas seeks to meet these crucial needs for students and make a difference in our community. As a local school, our mission is to build a foundation of connection and to provide life-changing education.

A Local School. A Loving Foundation. A Life-changing Education.

A Local School.

Local schools anchor neighborhoods and build communities – two things the world needs. Located on the corner of Kinnickinnic and Dover Street, Saint Lucas Lutheran School has been serving the families of Bay View for over 150 years in a safe, supportive environment. Relationships among students, families, and educators flourish here. Each family is known, seen, heard, and considered at Saint Lucas. This warm, caring, and nurturing culture within the school spills out to serve the local community around it.

A Loving Foundation.

It’s impossible to build strong relationships and communities without love. God’s love and His Word are the foundation for everything at Saint Lucas; sharing that love is the school’s mission. Grace gives our students a firm foundation in their present struggles and prepares them to face the future. Our Saint Lucas faculty and staff teach each student that they are unique and incredibly loved not only in friendships and other relationships, but by the God who made them, saves them, and guides them daily through His Word. 

A Life-changing Education.

Children want and need more from their education. Education is supposed to be life-changing for our students, not just academically, but emotionally, socially, and spiritually, too. At Saint Lucas, we focus on providing life-changing education for each student, one student at a time by meeting students where they are, challenging them individually, and supporting them unconditionally. By equipping students with 21st century skills and research-backed instruction in a supportive environment, a child’s whole life can be transformed.

Our Accreditations

Located in the community of Bay View, Saint Lucas Lutheran School has been serving the students and families of our neighborhood for over 150 years. Saint Lucas is accredited by WELSSA (WELS School Accreditation), NCPSA (National Council of Private Schools Accreditation), and WRISA (Wisconsin Religious and Independent School Accreditation).

Our Partners in Education

Our school proudly partners with

WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod)
WLHS (Wisconsin Lutheran High School)
CFS (Christian Family Solutions
WCRIS (Wisconsin Council of Religious & Independent Schools)
SCW (School Choice Wisconsin)
PLTW (Project Lead the Way)

Come Visit Us!

The first thing to do to find your belonging at Saint Lucas is to visit our campus. On your visit, you will meet staff and faculty, see our classrooms in action, get a feel for our culture, and learn about our mission and ministry. Bring all your questions – we’ll answer them!

“The community feeling –            like everyone on staff            knowing him by name,                and how families seem to communicate and cooperate    to get things done –                    is really something special.      We came for the academics,  but we stay because            Saint Lucas feels like family.”